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Musician / Producer / Songwriter / Mixer / Remixer

Music is my life.

It’s what I need in some shape or form everyday, to feel happy, content and alive.

My name is Johan Björk, and I am a self taught musician, songwriter, producer and remixer based in Malmö, Sweden.

My main instrument is piano which I started playing at around age 7, and then I have also added guitar and bass to my arsenal.

Although my main genre has always been soul, funk and RnB, the style of music doesn’t really matter to me.
It just has to have some kind of groove or vibe. To evoke some kind of emotion in the listener,
whether that is just to make you feel good and wanna dance or to feel something deeper.

What people say?

"Devil" by Alex Runo is taken to the next level with Jay's production. It's the perfect blend of broad & meaningful dynamics, ear-catching sound design, and an explosively produced chorus that lives up to the powerful lyrics. The track is exactly the kind of journey you want to be taken on through the course of a song - no moment will leave you bored.

Mack Norton, Riptide Music Group

What people say?

Hey! Just wanted to thank you for all the music. I’m a choreographer. Music is why I do what I do. Your mixes are so incredible! I sent your Opposites Attract mix to Paula Abdul. She loves it! Just wanted to pass that on to you. Please don’t stop doing what you do!

Charles "Chucky" Klapow, Choreographer

What people say?

Just discovered your remixes and they are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! I’m from Australia and these are some of the best mixes I’ve ever heard.

Jerome O'Connor, Musician and DJ


Great testimonials and credits are nice, but of course to decide if you want to hire me as a producer or mixer you need to hear what it sounds like.

The absolute quickest way is to listen to the Producer Showcase which are some combined examples of instrumentals in different genres, around 1 min each (4 examples in each genre).

Then you can dig deeper and listen to full tracks on Spotify or all the full remixes on my SoundCloud.

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